The Monday-est of Mondays


Monday morning. 6:30 am. The Devil, which manifests itself within my alarm clock, awakes me. I change, get ready and am out the door 10 minutes later, banana in hand. I go to the garage to hop on my motorbike, which after sitting unused over the weekend was in a bit of a tight spot. I […]

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Yogyakarta: Java’s Little Gem


Anyone who has been to Yogyakarta will undoubtedly insist that it is the best city in Java. For those who have yet to visit, they are usually equally as confident that they will also love it. Two weeks ago I fell into the latter category and was constantly told, “you need to go!” That time has finally come, […]

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Misadventures In Language


A little over a month has passed since my arrival in Indonesia and my days are melting quite nicely into a routine of teaching, coffee shops and weekend trips. In this time I have experienced the many quirks that make up this strange country and am slowly becoming more culturally acclimated, most prominently shown by […]

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36 Hours In Singapore


As the most developed country in Southeast Asia, my weekend in Singapore was a complete 180 from my life in Indonesia. With 40% of Singapore’s population being foreigners and ex-pats, Westerners abound; people are busy in shopping malls, running in Cross Fit groups, or golfing at places with names like “Laguna National Golf & Country […]

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The Glorious Gili Islands


Ahhhhhhh, the Gili Islands. Just the name puts me in a relaxed mood. The Gilis are three islands in the northwest corner of Lombok, with each possessing its own personality. Gili Air, closest to the mainland, has the richest local culture of the three and is known for it’s laid back beach style (think Bob […]

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