Penguins, Changes & Antarctica

I had such grand intentions to write about all the cities I visited while in Europe; to make beautiful lists filled with my favorite cafes in Amsterdam, to make a map and itinerary that followed my road trip through Slovenia and Croatia, to write a post solely dedicated to side-by-side comparisons of what the stalagmites and stalactites in Slovenia’s largest cave system resembled to me (cliffhanger: one definitely looked like tortilla chips in a party bowl).

It’ll still happen – I will write those posts and more, but I’ve been a smidgeon preoccupied because I started a new job!

**celebratory bow* 

It’s an exciting time to be alive, guys.

The new job is legitimately perfect for me and – this is going to sound crazy, so bear with me – I actually enjoy going to work and look forward to it. I know, I’m blowing your mind right now. Say hello to the world’s newest Expedition Specialist! I spend my days playing travel matchmaker and basically make adventure dreams come true, which is basically my dream come true. And yes, I will be going on trips as well in due time.

ExpeditionTrips is a small independent company filled with savvy and spunky travel connoisseurs that possess a ridiculous amount of knowledge. (Seriously, I just want 1/100th of what they have up in those noggins.) We specialize in expedition-style travel (obviously) and help people reach the most remote regions of the world – most notably being Antarctica. My month-long training was incredibly comprehensive and I learned – and continue to learn everyday – about glaciers, cruise ships, penguins and so much more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my brain is becoming so filled with Antarctica knowledge that if it explodes there will be ice chips flying in every direction. There. Is. So. Much. To. Learn.

I know the best time of year to whale watch and where to find them. I know the exact longitude of the Antarctic Circle. I know all about our dear friend, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and his grand adventure across Antarctica in 1916 as I’m currently reading Endurance by Alfred Lansing.  I watched Penguins: Spy in the Huddle on Netflix and you definitely should as well. I know all 17 species of penguins, their lifespan, height, weight, color pattern, breeding grounds and mating calls. If penguins had social security numbers and addresses I’d know those, too.

And then there are the incredible ships that get you down there, each offering a unique way to experience the most remote region in the world. Do you want to kayak amongst glaciers? Are you keen to stand in a colony of 100,000 king penguins in South Georgia? May I interest you in a chilly polar plunge? Would you like 5-star dining by world renowned chefs? Or perhaps perhaps a more intimate experience aboard a small Russian-built vessel? I GOT YOU COVERED!

I love connecting to people, learning what kind of experience they are looking for and finding the perfect trip for them amongst the incredible variety of options. It’s challenging as well; there are clients at all ends of the spectrum and at various stages of the planning process, and I want to make all of them as happy as the penguins they are about to see. The crazy part is that I’m only doing Antarctica since I’m new. Soon I’ll be working with the Galapagos, the Amazon, Patagonia, Egypt, the South Pacific and essentially the entire rest of the world – but one very large continent at a time.

Can you tell I’m really jazzed about my job? Probably not. Just to be sure, I’ll reiterate: I LOVE MY JOB AS MUCH AS I LOVE NUTELLA(That’s a lot.)

As if it wasn’t spectacular enough, our office is close to Alki Beach and there is also a fantastic little coffeeshop we all frequent down the road from us, which I’m quickly learning is both a blessing and a curse.

All in all, things are great and I’m a happy little camper. Soon my days won’t be spent commuting to work (ugh, traffic, you beastly thing) and I’ll have more time to write, but I suppose being consumed by travel and acquiring world knowledge isn’t all that bad.

Feel free to check out our travel galleries featuring seals, penguins, glaciers, penguins, blue ice, penguins, mountains and penguins: click here to see it – do it for the adorable penguins.

Emperor Chicks
Photo by Travel+Leisure (click those fuzzballs to be directed to their site and watch penguins be mesmerized by a yo-yo)

It’s a lot of changes, but I’m pretty chill with it (get it? Antarctica is chilly – don’t worry you’ve reached the end of the post, you’re free to go and there’s snow way you’ll be attacked by another pun).



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2 thoughts on “Penguins, Changes & Antarctica

  1. Fabulous…hard but fabulous! Hopefully, the expeditions will encompass leaving a very tiny eco footprint in your wake. Already, we see pollution in the supposedly most pristine environment, ie Antarctica! 😎


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