Waterfalling in Love With Ubud

Ubud is a very, very welcome breath of fresh air after being anywhere near busy Kuta. This isn’t to say that Ubud isn’t a bustling place, because it is (thanks Julia Roberts…) and you’ll still be asked if you want a taxi or massage every 20 feet, but with a calmer atmosphere and laidback attitude it’s much easier to feel happy and at home.

Ubud is notorious for it’s yoga getaways, lush greenery and, of course, for it’s waterfalls, which there are plenty of. Most are east of Ubud’s city center and renting a scooter and scoot-scooting around to find them makes for a very fun (and semi-sweaty) day. Each waterfall costs about 10,000 IDR ($0.75), so it’s best to have small bills with you before you adventure around. And bug spray, you’ll want that too. There are also rice fields, pretty flowers and larger than life leafs in abundance en route:


FullSizeRender 25


As far as waterfalls go, this one is your average looker and if I asked ten people to draw a picture of a waterfall, any waterfall, their masterpieces would come out looking something eerily similar to Tibumana. It’s a quick walk down through a little jungle oasis and then you find yourself in an open area with the waterfall straight ahead. I can’t even make it look cooler because my pictures are crap.



This one has a lot of huffing and puffing involved since it is a steep climb down to the waterfall (and back up, if I may be kindly remind you) and at one point there is even a 90 degree wall of rocks. Oh, and it’s slippery. But the waterfall itself is well worth the awkward climbing and close calls of falling. I loved how docile this one was as it gracefully ran down the rocks and fell quietly into a warm pool below.

Processed with VSCO with nc preset


Getting to this one is pretty sweet as it involves a walk through a small canyon. You enter by walking between the canyon walls and quickly come upon ginormous boulders, which you will wade under and past. I love that they block the view ahead so it’s feels as if your entering a mysterious unknown area’ it’s like the secret garden of waterfalls, if you will. Past the boulders is a beautiful jungle area and at the end of that is a large opening to a cave. The waterfall is inside the cave and is quite a sight. I loved the remoteness of this waterfall and the short adventure to get to it that made me feel like a little explorer.



This one is tricky to find and sometimes require several stops to ask for directions from locals, which will mostly be arbitrary hand gestures, but it’s worth it, I promise. . It’s also best saved for last because there is a 110% chance of getting wet. To see the waterfall properly you have to wade past your knees into the water and then climb up the waterfall, which, seeing as a waterfall involves a constant stream of falling water, means you will get soaked. Driving back in wet clothes isn’t so bad though because it cools you down from the toasty sun and makes for a nice breeze, it’s the closest you’ll get to AC on a motorbike.



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia | by Moore Misadventures


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