Cats of Tanjung Pinang

Quick story: I used to be a dog person. While growing up I never had a dog, nor did I have a cat, but being a confident little 7 year that knows everything and speaks in absolutes, I had decided I was a dog person and that was that. At the school library I became an avid reader of Dog Fancy magazine. Oh, there’s also a Cat Fancyyou say? No thanks, I’m a dog person. I had also made a list (yes, my list-making goes way back) of all the names I would grace my future dog with, including, but certainly not limited to: Chip (for a chocolate lab), Barker (I watched a lot of Price Is Right, so after Bob Barker, of course- “Have your pets spayed and neutered!”), Clifford, and Bob (did I mention I loved the Price Is Right…?)

Flash forward to 21 year old me, who was equally as confident and under the impression of being all knowing as my 7 year old self. One day in December I get a call saying that a box of kittens had been acquired outside of a Target in Seattle, and could I please, please, pleeeease take one. Uhm, hard no on that one; I may have retired from my Dog Fancy days, but I’m a dog person and cats are the worst (let it be known that I still had no basis for which was “better”).  But it turns out that I have a general weakness for fuzzy little creatures and after a bit cojoling in the form of phrases like, “but I’ll have to take them to the pound” and “they have no home and will die,” I acquiesed to just see them.

Flash forward 20 minutes after “just” seeing them and I’m driving home with a tiny black fluff ball as my co-pilot. I’m weak, I know.  I should’ve known that “just seeing” an animal is like “just” trying on a jacket in a store. You immediately realize how fabulous you look in it, instantly fall in love and buy it 30 seconds later. Although, I was to realize that cats require a bit more commitment and attention than a sweet looking jacket. Who knew?

When I went to see the kittens I had originally wanted the fun little black one running around but was told that it already had a home. I was informed that it was the lame loser sitting in the corner that needed to go. After a round of poor negotiating, I took the sad little loser hiding behind the beanbag home. That tiny black fluff ball, formerly known as “lame loser,” has since been more fondly referred to as Luna (named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter- and yes, I know Harry Potter Luna has white hair and my Luna is black as night, get over it). Luna is now four years old and the greatest freaking cat in the whole wide world. Seriously, I love that thing more than life itself. If I could fit her into her own little kitty backpack I’d take her on all my world adventures.

Meet Luna, the love of my life

And a cat person is born.

I love dogs too and hope to have one someday (if Luna approves, of course), but my love for cats has blossomed. They’re just the dorkiest, strangest, quirkiest, sassiest things on the planet. I can amuse myself with a cat for hours, and have you seen their tiny paws!? SQUEEEEEE!

Well, that didn’t turn out to be a “quick story” at all. Basically what I was getting at was that I love cats. And dogs. Really, I don’t discriminate anymore and all fluffy things fall under the umbrella of my love. I have an especially weak soft spot for the unloved strays of the world and have been known to plop myself down, wherever I happen to be, and happily hangout with them.

EXAMPLE A: Love hungry pups in Cusco, Peru

Version 2

EXAMPLE B: Sleepy kitten in Cibinong, Indonesia. Must. Not. Move.


EXAMPLE C: Exceptionally large cat in Reykavik, Iceland


EXAMPLE D: Puppy cuddle puddle in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Version 2

EXAMPLE E: Baby Bear Balu in Bali, Indonesia


EXAMPLE F: Cutest dog family in the history of the world. Lake Toba, Indonesia


EXAMPLE G: Swimming in a sea of cats in Hoi An, Vietnam


Okay, okay, you get it…

I could go on and use every letter of the alphabet four times each, but you opened this post to read about cats in Tanjung Pinang, not to see a strange girl cuddling with an unusual amount of animals around the world. But what can I say? I’m a professional animal cuddler and cuddling animals is what we professionals do. But to get back on track… without further adieu, I present:

The Cats of Tanjung Pinang!

Tiny Ginger Kitty


Calico “Let Me Rub Myself All Over You” Cat


Kitty Gang: Party of Three


Ambivalent “This Looks Like a Nice Piece of Trash to Sleep On” Kitty


And my personal favorite…

Fatty McFatterson drooling over the leftover feast





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8 thoughts on “Cats of Tanjung Pinang

  1. This was such a cute story. I’m so glad you realized that you love cats. Your post makes me want a cat sooooooooo bad. I can’t have one in my apartment right now, but my husband knows as soon as we are in a place that allows it, I’m getting a cat. End of story.


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