A Taste of Boston & Iceland

It’s been about two days since landing in Reykjavik, Iceland and we’ve been enjoying every minute in this gem of a city. Tomorrow morning we will say a temporary goodbye to Reykjavik and will drive around the country for about five days in a rented camper. To say I’m beyond excited is a serious understatement. We will be seeing some incredible scenery- waterfalls, canyons, ice caves, glaciers, mountains and hopefully the northern lights! But before all that gets underway I thought I’d share a few pictures of our quick stop in Boston and a little bit of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.

A snowy day walking through Boston Public Garden


In the words of Henry Ward Beecher, “Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?” Answer: Nowhere.

Brattle Book Shop, one stop along our Tour de Bookstore


Getting close with Boston Common’s brave little locals


Sunrise (at 10am) in Reykjavik


Watching our first professional handball game, a popular sport in Iceland


Banana pancakes and color-coded book shelves at The Laundromat Café


The view from our walk across the very frozen (and slippery) lake!


More on Iceland to come soon!

þangað til þá!

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Sloth enthusiast, Nutella extremist, and all around sassy human with a deep love for hoppy beer and discovering the world's many gems. Currently gallivanting the globe while drinking more coffee than necessary.

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Boston & Iceland

  1. Hi Caitlin! Stumbled upon your blog via Instagram. I’m heading to Iceland in a couple weeks and am thinking about rented a camper van and traveling around the south. I’d love to hear about your experiences, good and bad!


    1. Hi Jessie,

      First off, you’ll love Iceland because it is absolutely incredible! We rented a “2015 Smart camper” for five days through Go Campers and highly recommend it. It was €99/day (the basic one is €89/day) and €10 per sleeping bag. It drives like a dream and is compact but still roomy! We also got free transportation to and from downtown Reykjavik which was nice.

      We drove the southern and western coasts and loved it! Our favorites were the cliffs at Dyrhólaey, the glaciers of Jökurlsárlón and the waterfalls everywhere (I liked Svartifoss best). It was awesome to a handball game in Reykjavik too- go Grotta!

      -Get gas at Olis (you’ll get a free discount card when you go which gets you 10% off gas and you get free coffee!)
      -Check the road/weather conditions before committing to a long drive somewhere (we didn’t do this one day and the road was closed when we got there)
      -Careful if there is snow (obviously); it’s a good car but you never know how deep snow is and then you’ll have to find a random hotel owner to drag you out late at night….
      -If you have an iPhone you don’t need to buy an AUX cord, the usb charger connects to the camper

      Let me know if you’d like any more advice and I hope you have a wonderful time!


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